How to properly disinfect your car’s interior

Avoid a nasty illness and make your car smell fresh with our guide to properly sanitising your car's insides.

A man spraying the inside of his car

by Ryan Gilmore |

How often do you clean the inside of your car? If you do, is it little more than a wipe and a vacuum? Chances are if you aren't so hot on interior cleaning, lots of nasty bacteria could be lurking on every surface ready to cause illness. And, unless you're heavily into detailing and spend an obscene amount of money on sprays and waxes, chances are you haven't got some specialised spray that will leave your interior spotless.

It doesn't have to be that way however. There are a wide range of products available for sanitising your car that suit any budget. So keep yourself and others safe with our picks for the best ways to disinfect your car's interior.

What you need to remember:

What areas should you target first?

The obvious places to start with are the areas people are always touching. Door handles, seat belts, touchscreens and driving controls are always good to clean because everyone touches them. Also, remember that fabrics can trap scents and bacteria so the seats and carpets should be given a clean too. Make sure your disinfectant is safe to use on soft fabrics first however.

Other areas to clean

The areas you may forget about include your key fob, boot and door pockets. You carry your keys around all day so it's a good idea to give them a freshen up when you clean the interior. And your boot and door pockets are usually filled with a whole host of random stuff so giving them a good clean once in a while won't hurt.

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