The best diesel injector cleaners

Reduce your emissions, boost performance and help your fuel economy with a good diesel injector cleaner.

A diesel fuel pump

by Ryan Gilmore |

Diesel is still a great fuel choice, even if public opinion is shifting away from it. It's near unbeatable over long distances for fuel efficiency and is a great choice for saving you money at the pump.

However, if you run a modern diesel vehicle regularly, you may notice a decrease in power and fuel efficiency over time. It's perfectly common and is the result of build-ups of carbon in the car's engine. A prime place that gets this build-up is the fuel injectors, which affects your car's performance and fuel efficiency directly, and can also affect the level of pollution your car produces.

Thankfully, there are additives that can help clear these injectors and improve the overall running of your car. Here are our picks of the best diesel injector cleaners to help you save money.

What do you need to know about diesel injector cleaners?

Carbon build-up in your engine can affect your car in many ways. The most extreme examples are black smoke and a strained, noisy ignition. Reduced performance and increased fuel usage are also common, as the deposits make your engine run rougher. If you notice any of these in your diesel car, your first port of call should be looking at an injector cleaner.

Best diesel injector cleaners

The perfect option if you want to restore lost power, this cleaner from STP will help with engine power and fuel economy. It is also designed to keep your fuel injectors cleaner for longer.

• Effective on carbon deposits
• Not a massive improvement in performance for most vehicles

If your car doesn't like cold mornings, then it may be worth looking to see if Forte injection cleaner will make it happier when the temperature drops. Designed to help with cold starts, this cleaner will also boost power and efficiency.

• Formulated to help with cold conditions
• Rather expensive option

A great value option, the Redex diesel injector cleaner will reduce deposits built up in your engine and improve overall performance. The best part is this cleaner comes with two doses, meaning you'll be able to clean your engine two times per bottle.

• Two shots in one bottle
• Good value
• Not the most powerful offering

This diesel injector cleaner is another great option for restoring performance and boosting fuel economy. It also reduces your exhaust emissions and works with AdBlue equipped cars.

• Treats engines fitted with AdBlue
• Needs more than one bottle to be really effective

This diesel injector is great for older diesel cars. Not only will it help clear build-ups and improve performance, but it will also help protect your fuel system from corrosion and rust.

• Great results
• Effects do not last very long

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