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Make sure your engine is in top shape with the correct engine oil.

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by Ryan Gilmore |

Good engine oil can help increase your car's performance and fuel efficiency, while also helping reduce unnecessary wear on your engine, saving you a from nasty repair bill. It's well worth looking at getting some good engine oil to keep your car in good working order.

The issue is, there are so many choices that it can all become quite confusing. Thankfully, we at Parkers have put together a list of the best engine oils for sale.

How to choose the correct engine oil

What oil do I need for my car?

When looking for engine oil, your first port of call should be your car's handbook. It will recommend the correct oil to keep your engine working in the best order.

Some websites now offer a service that will tell you what oil you need just by inputting your car's registration number, such as Amazon Garage and Halfords.

Synthetic or semi-synthetic?

Most modern oils are either fully synthetic or a blend of natural and synthetic. Synthetic oils are developed in a lab and can be built to a higher quality than naturally-sourced oils. This allows for better engine protection but does mean it costs more.

Semi-synthetic offers some of the refinement and protection bonus of fully synthetic, without costing as much. If you're shopping on a budget then it's a good idea to look at getting a blend of the two.

When do I need to change my oil?

It's very important to check your car's oil levels regularly, otherwise, your engine can become damaged. Oil protects, cools and lubricates your engine (all vital jobs) but over time, this oil breaks down and needs replacing.

Your car's handbook should indicate how often to change your car's oil but the general rule is roughly every 12 months for modern vehicles (dependent on your mileage).

How to top up engine oil

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