How to change the wiper blades on your Nissan Qashqai

Learn how to do this task yourself and save yourself some money

A Nissan Qashqai

by Ryan Gilmore |

Still one of the most popular cars on sale in the UK, the Nissan Qashqai is an appealing family car, even if the current model is due for replacement this year. The car that popularised the booming crossover market offers style, reliability and is inexpensive to run.

And if you're trying to save some money with your Qashqai, why not replace your wiper blades yourself? Windscreen wipers are serviceable parts and will need replacing over time. The average lifespan of a blade is one year but can be much less if your windscreen is especially dirty and you leave your car in direct sunlight. You'll know when they need replacing because they will either be screeching or won't clear your windscreen properly. If you want to find out more about windscreen wipers, we have a windscreen wipers guide here.

And with all that spare cash you've saved fitting your own wiper blades, why not treat your car to a nice polish, or maybe upgrade your driving experience by adding Alexa to your car?

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How to find the correct blades for your car:

A Nissan Qashqai on Amazon Garage
©Photo: Amazon

You can easily find the correct wipers for your car using either Amazon Garage or the Halfords registration checker. These services will help tailor products that are guaranteed to fit your car. Simply input the registration of your Nissan Qashqai and you'll be shown the correct wiper blades for your car. Alternatively, we've found ones that will fit your car below.

How to change the wiper blades on a Nissan Qashqai:

  1. Lift your windscreen wiper away from the windscreen and rotate the blade so it lays horizontally.
  1. On the wiper blade, there is a small plastic tab, press this down and slide the wiper blade out from the wiper arm.
  1. Slide the new one on and return the wiper to the windscreen.

The process is the same for the rear wiper blade, too.

What else do I need to know?

You can prolong the life of your windscreen wiper blades using a rag and some soapy warm water. Clean the blade with the water until the rag comes away with no grime on it. Then, wipe the blades with another rag to remove any residue.

There is a new Qashqai set to enter production later this year. You can read more about the 2021 Nissan Qashqai, here.


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