The best travel games for kids

Keep boredom at bay with these travel-sized games perfect for long car journeys

Children in the back seat of a car

by Ryan Gilmore |

Car journeys as a child can be incredibly dull. There is only so much to see from a window and boredom really starts to kick in. Sure, you can plonk an iPad in their hands, but it'll eventually need charging and you don't want kids with square eyes.

Traditional board games don't really work here either. There usually isn't the space in the back to play with any comfort. Thankfully, there is now a plethora of pint-sized travel games that will have your children (hopefully) playing quietly and politely. Most popular board games now come in travel size (although we won't hold our breath for a car-based version of Twister).

We've found some of the best travel-sized kids games on the web, so they'll have something to do on your next extended journey.


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