Best dog car harness

A safe alternative for dogs that don't fit carriers and cages. Also for dogs that like being in the car.

Best car harnesses for dogs

by Chris Williams |

If you didn’t like car travel, you’d simply avoid it. And if the day came where it was absolutely necessary, then curling up in a safe enclosure from start to finish may be appealing to you. However, you may love car travel. You like to see the world whizzing by in a flurry of tangled trees, billboards, the odd flash of sunshine, and countless other mobile metal boxes like yours. So too, may your dog.

If your dog adores car travel too, you’ll want to keep them safe and restrained, but may find it hard to sentence them to the confines of a dog carrier or cage on the seat or in the boot. And if you have a Newfoundland, it may very well not fit in such a thing without looking like a mass of hairy playdough bursting through the cage slats.

Fortunately, car harnesses for dogs are on hand to address the issue of safety for car-loving dogs of all sizes. With a harness, your dog can enjoy the views and your company while also adhering to Rule 57 of the Highway Code that states dogs and pets must be suitably restrained in a moving vehicle.

For those of you who already have a harness but want a connector to fasten straight into the seat buckle, there are plenty available. Our pick is this two-pack:

Ezee Paws Dog Seat Belt

Ezee Paws Dog Seat Belt

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Connect at one end, click at the other. It couldn't be more simple. And for the price, it's a steal. With 25mm nylon strapping and a metal clip, you aren't skimping on quality.


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