The best power banks to keep in your car

Always have spare charge for your devices in an emergency

A powerbank charging a mobile phone

by Cat Dow |

Power banks are awesome, eh? They’re instant sources of energy, designed to assist in a desperate situation. Is there anything more desperate than your car breaking down in the misery of a winter’s night, with the rain thrashing the windscreen?

In an emergency, such as a collision or vehicle breakdown, you don’t want to run out of mobile phone battery. After all, you’ll likely be using it quite heavily; contacting roadside assistance, tracking their progress, making sure they know your location, contacting family and friends, using the torch and perhaps whiling away the wait with emails, games or a streaming show, for distraction.

To help understand the numbers. the capacity of a power bank is measured in milliamps per hour (mAh) and there’s roughly 5000 mAh to one full charge of a smartphone - though this can vary depending on the technology of the handset.

Though a lot of devices come in either white or black, we’d recommend the white since it’s more easily seen in the dark. Alternatively, invest in some awesome dayglo stickers so your black devices don’t get lost in the depths of the glovebox.

Here’s a list of some of the best power banks, suitable for keeping in your car, in case of emergency.

Best power banks to keep in your car

Anker Powercore Slim

Anker power bank

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If thereu2019s one name in all the power banks brands of the world, Anker is arguably the most reputable. Producing great products, that are practical and reasonably priced, these rugged packs last for years, if treated well. Thereu2019s 10,000mAh capacity and technology which will deliver a charge at high-speed and it supports all the latest cable technology, recharging itself with a USB-C port.

Belkin 10,000mAh portable power bank

Belkin power bank

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This Belkin 10,000mAh portable power bank reckons it can squeeze out as many as three full charges of a smartphone handset. Whatu2019s more, simultaneous charging has been enabled, supporting up to three devices, thus if your emergency torch hasnu2019t been suitably maintained, you know youu2019re only a short wait from a brave new world of light and communication.

Tryswop Wireless 30,080mAh power bank

Tryswop power bank

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Under normal circumstances, wireless power banks wouldnu2019t be recommended in a breakdown scenario. The idea of trying to keep a device level on a surface so a mobile phone can effectively rest on it to charge, in a chaotic scene, is somewhat laughable. However, this Tryswop effort enables both cabled and wireless chargingu2014albeit for only the latest handsets u2014 and there is something to be said for not needing to root around for the right cables.

NOCO power bank


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The most expensive option on our list, the NOCO Boost X is actually a battery-operated, handheld jump starter, complete with positive and negative crocodile clips. Obviously, this device is super handy in a pinch, especially if the problems you have are battery-related. You may not even have to call for roadside assistance, but if you do, the power pack doubles up as a charger for mobiles, laptops and other electronic devices, with 5000mAh.

iNIU Power Bank

iNIU Power Bank

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This INIU power bank claims to be the thinnest power bank on the market. With a funky paw print logo, that lights up, the power bank of 10,000mAh supports the usual cables and delivers high-speed charging. It also doubles up as a torch

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