The best driving shoes for better pedal control

Some proper driving shoes will give you better pedal control as you drive along.

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by Ryan Gilmore |

Shoes are an often overlooked aspect of driving safely. If you've ever driven in thick workboots (without practice) you'll quickly become aware of how difficult it can be to get any form of feedback from the pedals. Not to mention that boots are ungainly which makes accidentally pressing two pedals at once a real possibility.

Driving shoes are designed to offer the most feedback possible while driving, which in turn will make you a safer, better driver. We've found the best driving shoes for a number of needs meaning you can take to the roads safe in the knowledge your footwear is helping keep you safe.

The best driving shoes

Sparco Esse Canvas sports shoe

The best sporty driving shoe
Sparco Esse Canvas sports shoe in fabric, leather and suede, light blue, size 45

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For a sporty look and better pedal feel nothing gets close to Sparco and its range of shoes. While the racier examples may be a touch too uncomfortable for everyday wear, this pair is comfortable and will be perfect for drivers thanks to the thin rubber sole.

Jamron Men's Suede Leather Penny Loafers

The best budget driving shoe
Jamron Men's Suede Leather Penny Loafers Comfort Driving Shoes Moccasin Slippers

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Available in a range of colours and with optional lining, these driving shoes from Jamron are great value for money and are our budget choice for driving shoes. The exterior of each shoe is made from suede with a leather insole for added comfort. The rubber sole is thin for a good pedal feel and features a tread for better grip and comfort

John Lewis & Partners Suede Driving Shoes

The best suede driving shoe
John Lewis & Partners Suede Driving Shoes

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Made from suede and featuring leather laces, these classically styled driving shoes are great casual wear as well as being good for drivers. The soles are thin rubber and feature that all-important pebbling for added comfort and the John Lewis & Partners means that it's going to be good quality.

Gucci Ayrton Webbing-Trimmed Horsebit Leather Driving Shoes

The best luxury driving shoe
Gucci Ayrton Webbing-Trimmed Horsebit Leather Driving Shoes

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Made by the Italian fashion house, these fancy driving shoes may cost a lot of money, but the style and quality will be top-notch. Each pair is made from the finest Italian leather and features the iconic Gucci webbing across the front as well as a stylish horsebit. The thin rubber soles also feature pebbling so it remains comfortable to walk in without sacrificing pedal feel.

Sparco Slalom RB-3.1 Race Boots

The best driving shoes for racing
Sparco Slalom RB-3.1 Race Boots

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If you're serious about racing your car and want to head to the track we recommend buying some proper racing boots like these from Sparco. Not only does it feature a thin rubber sole for excellent grip, but the sole is also designed to be oil and fuel resistant, perfect for the pit lane. The upper part of the shoe is made from suede for comfort and durability.

Your feet and driving: What you need to know

What makes a good driving shoe?

A good driving shoe will offer plenty of flex and will feature a thin flexible sole to give you plenty of pedal feel as you drive. They are often made from leather or suede for comfort and durability and are more suited to warmer climates. Aside from racing trainers, most are moccasin type shoes because of the simple lightweight construction.

Many driving shoes will also offer a pebbled rubber sole for added comfort while walking around. These soles work by allowing for a thicker sole without compromising feel.

Can I drive barefoot?

There is no law against driving barefoot per se, although a police officer may argue that you don't have adequate pedal control and are breaking the 1988 Road Traffic Act. Best keep a pair on your feet just in case.

What are the worst shoes for driving?

In our quest to find the absolute best driving shoes we also had a look at what we consider to be the worst. Clogs and flip flops were both deemed very inappropriate but the worst offender of them all had to be the geta (a combination of the worst aspects of the above shoes).


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