The best 4 stroke engine oil

Whether it's for a motorcycle or a fancy petrol-lawnmower, you'll need some good 4 stroke oil. Read our guide to the best currently for sale.

Adding oil to a bike engine

by Ryan Gilmore |

If you own a modern motorcycle, generator or petrol-powered gardening equipment, chances are it'll use a 4 stroke motor. 4 stroke engines are different from conventional car engines and so require special 4 stroke engine oil. There are plenty of different 4 stroke oils for sale, all designed for different engine types, so read our guide to the best 4 stroke engine oils.

How to choose a 4 stroke engine oil:

What 4 stroke oil do I need?

Just like with car engine oil, 4 stroke oils are designed for different purposes and have different characteristics. 4 stroke engines include mopeds and motorcycles.

More refined (and likely synthetic) 4 stroke oils will be designed for high-performance engines used in sports bikes. These will be designed to work at higher-temperatures and protect harder-working engines.

Mineral-based oils will offer nowhere near the level of protection a synthetic option would offer but are a lot cheaper to buy. These are perfect for motorbikes with smaller engines as well as gardening equipment and generators that do not operate at high temperatures.

Semi-synthetic options offer the added refinement of synthetic whilst still being cheaper to produce. These are perfect for all but the fastest of motorcycles.

What does SAE30 mean?

SAE30-rated engine oil is a reading for oil viscosity. In short, this is how long it takes the oil to travel through a hole a certain temperature. In this case, SAE30 means the oil has a single rating that means it is better suited to higher temperatures (a lower rating means it'll be better in cooler climates).


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