How to add Alexa to your car

Give your ride a touch of class with voice-activated controls.

An Amazon Echo Auto device

by Ryan Gilmore |

Some more upmarket cars come with voice-activated controls that can change the radio channel, take a phone call and even activate some of the car's features (like headlights and windscreen wipers). This usually comes as standard on more expensive cars or as an optional extra for cheaper models, but it is accessible to all.

There is a cheaper way to get voice control in the form of Amazon's Alexa. While it cannot control car features beyond the stereo, it can still do a lot and can be fitted to any car; all you need is a smartphone. We've looked at the best ways to add Alexa to your car and listed them below.

What you need to know about Alexa:

What can an Alexa do?

An Echo Auto can do loads with nothing more than a mobile signal and your voice. It's able to read you the news, weather and time, on request, and make and receive phone calls. An Alexa can also make lists, set reminders and even allow you to order products through Amazon. It also has a full Amazon Music and Spotify integration, meaning you'll be able to enjoy your favourite playlists with ease.

Are there any alternatives?

Alexa isn't the only option if you want voice-control; Apple has Siri and Google offers Google Assistant. Both of these are available on various smartphones, and you're allowed by law to use the voice-control features while you drive. If you want to use your this feature in your car, you should probably look into buying a phone holder.


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