Here’s why you should buy a wash mitt for your car

We've found the best wash mitts for your car to get better cleaning results and prevent scratches.

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by Ryan Gilmore |

The humble sponge may be good for wiping down your kitchen counter and in the shower but did you know that it can be disastrous for your paintwork if you use one to clean your car?

Sponges may look soft and flexible but they trap bits of grit which when you move the sponge along your paintwork can cause scratches. A wash mitt on the other hand has a much larger surface area and can effectively filter bits of grit away from your paintwork, limiting the chances of scratches from occurring.

We've found the best wash mitts for sale for a whole range of prices so that you can keep your paintwork pristine the next time you go to wash your car.

The best wash mitts

Kent Car Care Microfibre Noodle Wash Mitt

The best wash mitt on a budget
Kent Car Care GKEQ2429 Microfibre Noodle Wash Mitt

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A very simple option for a wash mitt, this microfibre noodle option from Kent Car Care will prevent small scratches from forming on your car's paintwork. It features microfibre noodles on one side for cleaning bodywork and a microfibre mesh on the back to remove stubborn dirt without scratching any paint.

26JPN Microfibre Wash Mitt

The best wash mitt for comfort
26JPN Microfibre Wash Mitt

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We were really impressed with the 26JPN Wash Mitt when we tested it. Not only was the 700gsm microfibre thick and luxurious, aiding lathering, but it also felt incredibly well made and luxurious. It was also incredibly easy to work with thanks to the central split, allowing for a more ergonomic product. Finally, the cuffed wrist was nice and snug, even when the mitt was weighed down with water, but never restrictive or uncomfortable.

Amazon Basics Deluxe Microfiber Car Wash Mitt (2 Pack)

The best wash mitt set
Amazon Basics Deluxe Microfiber Car Wash Mitt (2 Pack)

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Basically double the mitts as offered from Kent Car Care, this dual set from Amazon Basics will ensure that you'll have at least one mitt clean when it comes to washing your car. It features the same microfibre noodles and elasticated cuff but features the noodles on both sides, a nice addition for cleaning.

Halfords Wash Mitt

The best basic wash mitt
Halfords Wash Mitt

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This budget option from Halfords will still offer you quality and a better finish when you clean. It features microfibre noodles on one side and a flat (but still microfibre) finish on the other so it will prevent scratches and improve the overall finish.

Meguiar's Microfibre Car Wash Mitt

The best wash mitt for detailing
Meguiar's X3002 Microfibre Car Wash Mitt, White

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This wash mitt uses a flat microfibre surface as opposed to noodles and will still help prevent scratches from forming in your paintwork. It's been specially developed by Meguiar's to sud up quicker and better, meaning you get a deeper clean without any risk of damaging your paintwork. It may cost a little more but it's an excellent way of protecting your paint.

Meguiar's Luxurious Lambs Wool Car Wash Mitt

The best premium wash mitt
Meguiar's A7301 Luxurious Lambs Wool Car Wash Mitt

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A step up from microfibre, lambswool is even softer and is a real luxury touch for washing your car. This example from Meguiar's features a deep pile to move grit away from your paint as you clean. It also features a mesh netting on one side for safely lifting embedded marks from your car's paintwork.

Kleeneze Double Sided Premium Car Mitt

The best wash mitt for interior and exterior use
Kleeneze KL082336EU7 Double Sided Premium Car Mitt

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Blending the microfibre wash mitt with a chenille side perfect for car interiors this wash mitt from Kleeneze is good. It's an ambitious, and somewhat flawed idea (namely that you'll need to wait for it to dry before using it on your interior) but it's still great on bodywork and offers interior cleaning, something no other wash mitt offers.

What you need to know about wash mitts:

Why should you care?

These scratches are tiny, it's not like you've dragged a key along your paintwork, so what's the point in switching from a sponge to a wash mitt? The main reason is resell value. These scratches may be small, but place your car in direct sunlight and they stick out like a sore thumb, and will surely knock paint vibrancy and value off your car.

A wash mitt usually costs less than a tenner and could easily make your car worth a bit more cash when it comes to selling time, so it's well worth it.

What else can I do to prevent scratches?

Scratches to your car are almost unavoidable in everyday life but there are more steps you can take when washing it to avoid smaller scratches.

For a start, look at buying a pressure washer and some snow foam to dislodge these bits of grit and hopefully wash them away before you even touch your car with a wash mitt.

Introduce a clay bar into your routine to remove embedded bits of dirt that can cause scratches too.

Also, think about a grit guard. These will filter out dirt and debris in your water, minimising the chance of scratches.

Finally, switch your chamois for a microfibre towel. These are a lot better for your car's paintwork.


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