The best car air freshener bomb

Blow some cleanliness into your car with an air freshener bomb.

A car air vent

by Ryan Gilmore |

Cars can very easily start to smell for a number of reasons; whiffy dogs, cigarettes, abandoned food and long-forgotten gym equipment are the usual suspects and can make sitting in your car a miserable affair.

Obviously, you can buy a traditional car air freshener, but sometimes you need something that'll blast that awful smell away. That is where air freshener bombs come in. They are a single-use product that will remove even the most stubborn smells from a car. We've found the best bombs on the market so you'll know which one will suit you perfectly.

What you need to know about air freshener bombs:

What does an air freshener bomb do?

A car air freshener bomb is essentially an aerosol that won't turn off once activated. If you've ever gone paintballing, it works a bit like a smoke grenade; you pull the pin and smoke comes out until the vessel is empty. Unlike a smoke bomb, however, this smoke will leave a nice smell and remove bad odours.

How do I use it?

The general rule of thumb is to first make sure your windows are closed and the air-con set to recirculate. Then, you place the air freshener bomb centrally in your car, set it going and make sure all the doors are closed. You'll probably have to wait around 15 minutes for the car to fill, after which you should open your doors and allow the smoke to dissipate. All that's left to do after that is enjoy the nice smell.

Why would I need one?

Air freshener bombs are quite an extreme option so aren't really required that often. One of the best opportunities to use one is if you're either buying or selling a used car and want an odour gone. For example, if you are a smoker, you'll probably be aware that the smell of stale smoke can damage your car's resale value. One of these should remove even the most engrained stench and allow you to get a better price for your car.

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