Nilfisk Core 140 Pressure Washer review: car cleaning chores made easy

Parkers put the new range of pressure washers from Nilfisk to the test.

Nilfisk foaming spray bottle and car

by Natalie Corner |

When it comes down to using a bucket, rag and elbow grease to wash your car or a car pressure washer, it’s the latter camp for us here at Parkers.

While there are no doubt many benefits of cleaning your car by hand, like being super attentive and thorough, a pressure washer will cut the tiresome job in half, and you’ll still have your elbows intact without having to scrub any mud off those difficult to reach wheel arches.

That’s where Nilfisk’s new Core range comes in handy. Parkers put the Nilfisk Core 140 Pressure Washer to the test, which promises a “durable, powerful and exceptional performance”.

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Nilfisk pressure washer hose and car outside
©Photo: CAR/Natalie Corner

Nilfisk Core 140 Pressure Washer

Nilfisk Core 140 Pressure Washer

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CAR/Natalie Corner

Specifications: Hose Length: 6m Power Output: 1800W Cleaning Speed Index: 40mu00b2/h Max. Pressure: 140 bar Max. Inlet Temperature: 40u00b0C Dimensions: H88.2 x W37.1 x L30cm Weight: 8.7kg Colour: Blue Whatu2019s Included: 1 x Pressure Washer (140 bar) 1 x Gentle Nozzle 1 x Rough Nozzle 1 x trigger gun

Is the Nilfisk Core 140 easy to use?

The short answer, the Nilfisk Core 140 is very easy to use. After assembling the pressure washer as per the picture instructions, that will take you no longer than 15 minutes, it’s quite literally a breeze.

Simply put aside some time to lay out all the bits and pieces to check everything is there before you screw all the pieces together. You’ll end up with a pressure washer on wheels, with a handle to pull it around as well as a docking station for the G3 trigger gun.

Depending on where your power outlets are, you will need access to an extension cable to give yourself room to manoeuvre the pressure washer and hose pipe sufficiently enough to do your whole car.

It’s worth pointing out that while the autos kit comes with an impressive array of accessories like a foam spray bottle, three hose attachments, a brush, a shammy and a polishing rag, it only comes with a one size hose pipe connector and that size did not fit my existing hose connection.

But a quick message to Nilfisk customer service and they were able to suggest a suitable hose adaptor - this would be an added extra that you will need and may delay your scheduled car washing agenda.

Nilfisk brush head attachment cleaning car wheel
©Photo: Parkers/Natalie Corner

Does the Nilfisk Core 140 work well?

The Nilfisk Core 140 does what it promises, it is durable, powerful and actually was an exceptional performance.

As a pressure washer newbie it took a little fiddle around with the pressure settings before understanding that the lowest setting will be enough to power the water through the 6m hose that comes with a nice hidden coil feature.

After wetting the car, fixing the 90-degree hose attachment allowed me to get right under the wheel arches of the car without bending down and causing any unwanted injuries. Be careful managing the pressure here as you get closer to the chassis of the car you need both hands to manage the attachment otherwise it spins around.

For some avid car detailers, the spray foam bottle attachment would be a highlight, but for me, it was an extra step that didn’t lead to much satisfaction as the soap kept drying before I could get to the brushing step.

Close up of nozzle head in action cleaning wheel
©Photo: Parkers/Natalie Corner

Anything else?

The Nilfisk Core 140 really does cover all bases when it comes to making a chore a hell of a lot easier. The only gripe comes with the position of the hosepipe connector on the back of the body because when you tip the pressure washer to roll it around on its chunky plastic wheels it catches the ground.

For a quick car washing job, the G3 trigger gun is ideal and the specific car attachments change the speed and flow of the water perfectly, but it would be great to have a handle lock feature that stays in place for longer jobs like pressure washing the patio.

Parkers testing a Nilfisk pressure washer
©Photo: Parkers/Natalie Corner

Nilfisk Core 140 Pressure Washer: Our verdict

The Nilfisk Core 140 Pressure Washer is a seriously impressive piece of kit, it has everything you need and is well worth adding on the autos accessories purely for the 90-degree angle hose attachment and brush to get your wheel arches scrubbed clean.

It also has different attachments available to clean your patio, windows and your bike so definitely a fantastic all-round investment to get those chores ticked off the list.

Nilfisk Pressure Washer accessories before assembly
©Photo: Parkers/Natalie Corner

Nilfisk Core 140 with Autos Accessories

Nilfisk Core 140 Pressure Washer with Auto Accessories

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Nilfisk have the total package when it comes to cleaning your car, which you can add on when purchasing from Halfords. Whatu2019s Included: 1 x Pressure Washer (140 bar) 1 x Foam Sprayer 1 x Gentle Nozzle 1 x Rough Nozzle 1 x 90-degree Nozzle 1 x Short Fixed Brush 1 x Shammy glove 1 x Polishing rag

Nilfisk 128500938 Super Foam Sprayer For Pressure Washer

Nilfisk 128500938 Super Foam Sprayer For Pressure Washer

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Not looking to splash out on the whole kit? Then you can pick up the foam sprayer for the Nilfisk pressure washer for less than £20.

Car Gods Arctic Storm Super Thick Snow Foam Car Shampoo

Car Gods snow foam (5 litre)

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The Car Gods 54 Arctic Storm snow foam is designed to dislodge debris and contaminants from paintwork while not damaging the paint or wax.

Bilt Hamber Auto Foam Bilt Hamber Auto Foam

Bilt Hamber Auto Foam

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Coming in a 5-litre bottle only, Bilt Hamber Auto Foam prides itself on producing quality results and being fully biodegradable. Made to cut through dirt without damaging paint or wax, it appears on paper that these two snow foams are pretty much identical.

Nilfisk 6411131 Auto Brush with Window Squeegee for Pressure Washer

Window Squeegee for Pressure Washer

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Make the most of your pressure washer investment to do more chores around the house. Pick up this window squeegee attachment that will fit your Nilfisk pressure washer and get your windows sparkling clean.

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