Parkers guide to using Amazon Garage

Amazon Garage will make finding the right parts for your car easy once you know how to use it

The Amazon Garage homepage

by Ryan Gilmore |

Even the shiniest and newest cars have expendable parts. Wiper blades wear out, headlight bulbs blow and your engine oil needs a top-up. Finding the correct part can be a hassle too, especially if you don't know the best places to look.

This is where Amazon Garage comes in, a clever feature that allows you to add your car and filter products that are guaranteed to fit it. We've put together a handy guide on how to use this feature to save you a headache and help you find your car parts with ease.

How to add your car to Amazon Garage

The Amazon Garage web page
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Adding your car to Amazon Garage is exceedingly easy. There are two ways to add your car, either by using your registration number or by adding the make, model and engine type. The former option can't be done on the Amazon Garage page but can be done on the Amazon Autos homepage.

Once you've added your car (or cars) they are saved in your garage ready for you to select and filter parts that will fit them.

How to filter spare parts for your car

A search page for wiper blades
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Once you've added your car to the garage there are two ways to find products that will fit your car. The first is to search for what you're after and click the 'Filter results' button that will appear at the top of your screen.

Once you've selected this feature the box will turn green and you'll be show products that'll fit your car (be careful, however, sponsored products that may not fit will still show up on the page).

The other option is to use the Amazon Garage homepage. Simply scroll down and there will be a number of categories from you to choose from and all the products shown will fit your car.

We tested a number of cars and found that we could filter results for the following car parts:

Engine oil

Headlight bulbs

Pollen filters

Air filters

Car batteries

Wiper blades


We also found that some cars came with other spare parts too, including suspension components and even engine bits. While the selection isn't as good as a dedicated parts supplier, for the basics it is excellent.

For example, we added a 2019 Ford Focus to Amazon Garage and searched for windscreen wipers. We've got a selection of the results listed below.

What you need to know about Amazon Garage:

The Amazon Garage web page
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How big can you make your garage?

As big as you want. When testing this feature we had as many as 20 cars in the database at once and we were able to add even more if we wanted.

We looked at a selection of modern cars on sale and found that they all featured in the Amazon Garage database. We also looked at older models and found that every car we could think of that was sold in the UK from 1950 was included, even ultra-rare and often forgotten about cars like the Citroen Visa or Peugeot 604.

Very new cars (launched in the last few weeks) may take a couple of weeks to show up in the database, but will almost certainly feature in Amazon Garage. We found the majority of brand new cars were already in the database.

What about motorbikes?

At current, the British Amazon Garage only cover cars. The American Amazon Garage offers motorcycles and ATVs but there is no word whether this feature will come to the UK at any point.

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