The best glow plug removal tools

Let us guide you through everything you could need to remove glow plugs from your car's engine.

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Diesel often has a reputation for ruggedness and reliability, but even the most legendarily bulletproof examples need some TLC now and again. There are small things that you can do yourself to keep your diesel motor in top condition. You can add diesel fuel additives to clear gunk from your engine or top up your car with fresh oil.

You can also change your glow plugs to make your car run better. The best part is, you can quite easily do it all yourself with a couple of tools and a bit of spare time. We've put together a comprehensive guide

If you're a committed diesel fan you may also be wondering what the future holds for diesel now they're on a downward spiral. We've put together a handy guide on what your next car should be powered by.

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What you need to know about glow plug removal tools:

How do I change glow plugs?

  1. Disconnect your battery and locate your glow plugs (they're usually found above your cylinder but you can check your car's handbook if you aren't sure). Remove the glow plug wires from the glow plug. This will be done by removing a small nut that keeps the wire attached to the glow plug. Do this for each glow plug remembering that there will be one glow plug for each cylinder.
  1. Remove the glow plug using an appropriate tool (make sure you use the right size). If you find them to be overly stubborn then you might need to purchase some lubricant or a kit designed to remove damaged glow plugs.
  1. Once all of your glow plugs are out you'll be wanting to clean away any carbon deposits. Using a glow plug reamer or aperture cleaner, clean the glow plug hole. Also clean the electrical contact point, removing any dirt that has built up.
  1. Using the same tool you used to remove the old glow plugs, install the new glow plugs being careful not to over-tighten them (this will make them harder to remove next time).
  1. Reconnect the glow plug wires and the nut using a wrench. Then all you need to do is reconnect your battery.

What do I do if my glow plugs are stuck?

If you have to use a bicep-building level of force to remove a glow plug they might either be damaged or have been in the car for too long.

If the car has been idle for an extended period then in most instances it should simply be a case of spraying some lubricant on your glow plugs. They should then be easily removed with a standard glow plug removal tool.

If they're broken, on the other hand, then it can be a tricky affair to remove them. It is incredibly easy for a glow plug to become damaged when being installed. Over-torquing them can strip the threads, effectively locking the glow plug in place. Thankfully, there are glow plug removal kits that will help get these glow plugs out without damaging your engine.

Glow plug size guide:

The standard sizes for car glow plugs are; 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm and 12mm. Check your car's handbook to find the size your car uses and then find a glow plug removal tool that fits your glow plug.


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