The best smart tyre safety monitor

Keep an eye on your tyres as you drive with one of these smart tyre safety monitors.

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by Ryan Gilmore |

Nobody likes a flat tyre and a slow puncture can be a real irritant, especially if you don't notice it until it's too late. Sure, it's always a good idea to carry around a tyre pump for such an emergency, but surely prevention is the best course of action.

Regularly checking your tyres is a great way to not only stay safe but also save you money at the pump. Problem is, it can be a time-consuming affair. Thankfully, technology has a solution that will give up-to-date readings without you even having to get out of your car. Smart tyre safety monitors will give you all the important information you need to make sure your tyres are healthy. We've found the best examples on the market so you can drive with total peace of mind.

What you need to know about smart tyre safety monitors:

How do they work?

Smart tyre safety monitors work using sensors that are mounted to your car's tyre valves. These record pressure and temperature and send this data wirelessly to a receiver.

How this data is presented varies, some offer a small monitor you can place on your dashboard, others offer smartphone apps which to show this information. They will usually emit an alarm if the temperature or pressure changes significantly in your car's tyres, an indication of a puncture.

Do they need charging?

Yes, they do. The sensors will come with long-lasting batteries, but these will eventually need replacing. In most cases, they are button cells. The receiver and optional screen will need some form of power, usually a USB cable. If you have a monitor that offers an app, you'll obviously need some phone charge for it to work.

What vehicles are they suitable for?

Most smart tyre safety monitors come with either two or four sensors, making them perfect for motorcycles and four-wheeled vehicles. They simply screw onto your tyre valve and that's it, although it's important to check that they will not cause any damage to your wheel (aluminium valves, in particular, can be damaged by these sensors).

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