Draper Foldable Funnel review: the only funnel you’ll ever need for your car

This space-saving funnel will make topping up your car with essential fluids so much easier.

The Draper funnel filling up an engine will oil

by Ryan Gilmore |

While modern cars don't need the same level of under-the-hood maintenance as older ones, there are still some things that every driver will need to do from time to time to keep their car in working order. The vast majority of these involve adding liquids of various descriptions to your car, jobs that require a funnel.

Whether you're topping your car up with engine oil, screenwash or coolant a good funnel is essential. It'll help keep your engine bay clean from spillages as well as minimising product waste, making the most of your cash.

And while it's tempting to nick a funnel from the kitchen or pick up a cheap one from a supermarket, perhaps it's worth investing in a purpose-built, adjustable option for even easier car maintenance. That's what we've been finding out with the Draper Foldable Funnel.

The Draper Foldable Funnel at a glance

The Draper funnel on an engine bay
©Photo: Chris Williams/Parkers

Made from flexible aluminium and coated in nitrile rubber, this foldable funnel from Draper doesn't look like a traditional funnel when you first see it. It's designed to be bent and moulded easily so that it can fit any pouring task you can throw at it, no matter how awkward. It's specifically designed for use on cars which means it should be the perfect funnel for topping up essential fluids when required.

Is it worth your money?

The Draper funnel on an engine bay
©Photo: Chris Williams/Parkers

While it may seem a touch expensive compared to your average funnel, the Draper is infinitely better. For a start it can be moulded and adjusted to fit any opening, ensuring as little spillage as possible, something regular funnels can't do. The only thing it lacks is a form of filtration, meaning you'll need to check any fuel you use for debris before using the funnel.

This malleability has another bonus too. When you're done topping your car up the funnel folds flat for really easy storage. While most funnels don't eat up space, they will often roll around and clatter about when stored in your car, not an issue with the Draper.

The nitrile rubber coating is perfect for any car-DIY task you can think of. This funnel is designed to be resistant to pretty much any liquid you'd ever consider adding to a car, including oil and antifreeze.

The other big bonus to this coating is that it can be cleaned with a simple degreaser. Conventional plastic funnels are often difficult to properly clean, especially if engine oil has been used with them.

Not only does this make storage a potentially messy affair, but it also means cross-contamination is almost unavoidable, not good for keeping your car healthy. Introducing even a small amount of engine oil to your screenwash and the results won't be good for your car's health.


The simple fact is that if you're after a funnel for car maintenance, nothing comes close to the Draper. It's well made, a clever design, is easy to store and clean, and makes topping your car up with any liquid super easy. It's such a simple yet clever product that it's a genuine question why more funnels aren't like it.

The only real downside aside from a lack of filtration is the price. It's not ruinously expensive but will cost a bit more than a good quality conventional funnel. We'd say however that as it's entirely possible you'll need funnels of various sizes for your car anyway, it'll probably work out cheaper to buy this option and adjust the size as needed.


Pros Cons
• Infinitely malleable • No filter
• Folds flat when not in use • Slightly more expensive than conventional funnels
• Unbeatable quality


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